Photo of the Tuggeranong Arts Centre building. Photo by Martin Ollman

Tuggeranong Arts Centre is located at 137 Reed Street North, in Greenway. Come and visit. Photo Martin Ollman

The Tuggeranong Community Arts Association (TCAA) has successfully delivered artistic programs to the Tuggeranong community for more than 30 years. Focusing on participation and accessibility, the Tuggeranong Arts Centre (TAC) offers free exhibitions across three gallery spaces, a live performance program, community engagement activities and a range of workshops and classes.

It is a place where creativity thrives; a place for connecting, participating, and learning new things. It is also a place to simply sit still and enjoy the arts.

The programs centre on building audiences to engage and participate in the arts so that TAC is a place where everyone is welcome. A diverse program of activities covers several artforms including dance, visual arts, theatre and music and places TAC at the heart of the Tuggeranong community engaging professional and community artists alike.

Fresh Funk, Canberra’s first and leading hip-hop and contemporary dance program operates more than 17 classes a week, catering to all ages and skill levels. Messengers is a unique arts-based support program for youth at risk, which works collaboratively with the education sector as well as relevant community service and mental health organisations.

The visual arts program presents over 15 exhibitions each year and features the work of emerging and established artists as well as community groups. These are enhanced by weekly and casual art classes for young and old facilitated by professional artists for the whole community. The live performance program embraces a broad array of artistic interests – from jazz, classical and blues music, to comedy, cabaret, and theatre with a particular emphasis on collaboration and skill development. TAC also delivers several outreach activities focusing on place-making and community engagement.

The Centre is funded through a five-year agreement with the ACT Government’s arts funding agency, artsACT.

Open 6 days a week, Tuggeranong Arts Centre is a creative hub and gathering place in South Canberra which connects people, creates new experiences and celebrates the arts.

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