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Messengers is a non-clinical social support program for vulnerable young people across the ACT. The program uses a social prescription model and facilitates voluntary non-clinical arts groups for young people aged 10 – 25 years who are disengaging from school and their community and experiencing mental ill-health, social isolation and a range of other issues.

Offering weekly arts-based groups, participants are encouraged to develop new artistic skills and make social connections in a safe and inclusive environment. This arts-based approach that builds resilience, improves mental and social wellbeing and young people’s acceptance of their diversity. Participants are encouraged to approach the challenges they face in school, in the community and with their families in creative and positive ways.  Messengers programs are specifically designed to improve psychological and social wellbeing via targeted participation in the arts.

Four art-based classes are delivered weekly during school term. Classes are facilitated by professional visual artist who encourages young people to explore identity through a broad suite of arts projects including photography, drawing, textiles and painting.  One-on-one support is available with Messengers management staff for participants and parent/carer through negotiation.


Art lab

ART LAB refines the artistic skills generally already present in participants and to develop new abilities with a range of mediums.


Sketchy Southside

SKETCHY SOUTHSIDE seeks to refine some of the artistic skills generally already present in participants and to develop new abilities with a range of mediums.


Studio M

STUDIO M is a safe and diverse group mix which caters to all levels of artistic ability from very little to advanced.

Want to Participate?

Referrals/applications can be made by other organisations, schools, parent/carer or by self-referral. All application contact details will be followed up by Messengers management with a request to discuss the enrolment with referrer/self/parent or carer.

Contact the Messengers team to further discuss the program, criteria and enrolment.

Call the office: 6293 2212

Call or text our mobile:  0456 859 252


Meet the Tutors

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Program Structure

Messengers has a number of core groups that run in line with government school Terms. These groups run at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in an art workshop space which can accommodate a wide range...

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Messengers Success

Messengers is an evidence-based program that is informed by the base of global research in the ‘Arts for Wellbeing’ field. Scientific findings suggest that regular participation in the arts has a...

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Messengers History

The Messengers Program of the Tuggeranong Community Arts Association is now in its 24th year supporting young people within the A.C.T. Throughout this time it has significantly influenced and...