AGUILAR BUCKLAND EVANS MOORE | Objects in motion | 18 OCT – 13 DEC
A glass creature with two heads, four legs, eyes in its body, branches and flames coming out of its body. One of the heads holds a stick creature in its beak.

Tom Morre, Metamorphic Quadruped, glass, 2008

EXHIBITION DATES: 18 October – 13 December 2024

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 18 October, 6pm




Artist made objects are shown with animations or videos, in which they feature. Glimpse into the imaginations and processes of sculptor Tom Buckland, stop motion animators Eleanor Evans and Giovanni Aguilar and renowned glass artist Tom Moore, as they set up stages as fantastical worlds and add whimsical inhabitants, glass and mixed material sculptures, plasticine models and more.

About the Artists

Tom Moore

Tom Moore, born in Canberra in 1971, began working with glass in his late teens and graduated from Canberra School of Art, ANU in 1994. Moore trained in production techniques at JamFactory until 1997 then worked as Production Manager in the JamFactory’s glass studio for fifteen years. In 2019, Moore was awarded a PhD from the University of South Australia for his thesis ‘Agents of Incongruity: Glassmaking embraces nonsense to navigate monsters, wonder and dread’.

Tom Moore is fascinated with hybridity, mutation and our environment. Plant–birds, tree–cars, flaming pickles and potato–fish merge the animal, mineral and vegetable worlds. They charm and delight us, but reveal his concerns for the world at risk in the Anthropocene. Like the wondrous metamorphic objects crafted by hand and by nature that were incorporated into sixteenth-century Wunderkammer collections, Tom Moore’s sculptures often appear to be one thing, but are really another.

Eleanor Evans and Giovanni Aguilar

Eleanor Evans and Giovanni Aguilar are an award winning animation team working primarily in stop motion and hands on traditional animation processes. They are always on the lookout for the animation potential in the things around them, bringing a sense of DIY play to their work. Working with a variety of materials including plasticine, paper, found objects and puppets their work has a tactile element focusing on the real textures which are characteristic to stop motion animation.

Eleanor Evans is a local Canberra artist who grew up in Cooma NSW. Initially working in video installations, she naturally gravitated towards incorporating stop motion animation into her work and relocated to Barcelona in 2016 to learn more about the technique at BAU Design College. Giovanni Aguilar grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia surrounded by the Caribbean culture of Carnival. While teaching graphic design at a local university Giovanni realised the potential of stop motion animation by creating his own music videos. He decided to take this interest further by studying stop motion in Barcelona Spain, where he met Eleanor.

Eleanor and Giovanni have been working collaboratively since graduating in 2017 with Masters of Stop Motion Animation. Their first stop motion project together Imaginé was first screened in Canberra at Canberra Short Film Festival in 2019 where it won best Music Video and went on to be screened at festivals worldwide winning awards at several festivals. Since then Eleanor and Giovanni have continued to produce animated projects, music videos, workshops and animated educational content for children.

Music is also a big part of Eleanor and Giovanni’s work, having created music videos for a variety of musicians, local and international with clients including Sony Music Australia and Nickelodeon. Their projects have been screened at film and animation festivals around the world.

Tom Buckland

Tom Buckland is an artist who deals in a correspondence of worlds. By examining the present and the past, they construct portals to alternate futures yet to be explored. Working with recycled materials such as cardboard and salvaged electronics, Buckland creates playful, interactive and experimental installation, video and performance work that invites the audience to embark on a journey of discovery, transporting them to other dimensions across space and time, provoking introspection about their own existence and the world they inhabit.

In 2015, Buckland earned a BVA (Hons) from the ANU School of Art, supported by the prestigious John and Elizabeth Baker Honours scholarship and the Canberra Contemporary Art Space graduate award. Their work has graced galleries and collections both nationally and internationally, and in 2021, they were honored with the Sculpture by the Sea Clitheroe Foundation emerging artist mentorship. Currently, Buckland is based in Ngunawal/Canberra