Blaide Lallemand | Art Play for Curious Adults | 2 Nov – 7 Dec
a charcoal drawing on brown paper of a smiling face

Art Play participant artwork

WHEN: 10am – 12pm Saturdays

Term 2: 18 May – 22 June
Term 3: 10 August – 14 September
Term 4: 2 November – 4 December

WHERE: Woden Library

COST: $220 (6 weeks) $40 drop-in per class


Led by visual artist Blaide Lallemand, Art Play workshops encourage people to explore different approaches to making art, working in a range of mediums; charcoal, watercolour paints and crayons, collage, pen and ink, gouache, acrylic paint and more. These classes are ideal for the curious adult (with little experience) who have an impulse and desire to trust their creative self and develop their art abilities through play!

About the Artist

Blaide Lallemand takes an interdisciplinary approach to making works of art, fusing her interest in sculptural practices with a range of ephemeral practices including performance, new media and site-specific installation. Blaide is interested in immersing the audience into the artwork, enabling them to have a visceral experience and choice to actively participate with the realisation and evolution of the artwork.

Blaide studied acting at the University of Western Sydney before graduating from the ANU School of Art with first class Honours in 2003. She is interested in exploring cycles in nature, rhythms of the body and aspects of intimate social and physical relationships between people and their complex means of communication.

Blaide Lallemand, Tuggeranong Arts Centre