Heidi Smith Michele England | Breaking Ground | 14 Jun- 10 AUG
multi coloured abstract fabric

Heidi Smith Turtle head quilt, 2022 fabric 80 x 130cm

EXHIBITION DATES: 14 June – 10 August

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 14 June, 6pm


Michele England and Heidi Smith have responded to significant Tuggeranong Valley sites by creating experimental mixed media artworks highlighting changes to urban and natural spaces. They have incorporated found objects, created pigments, used drawing apparatus and repurposed discarded items to create Breaking Ground: Chaos Theory and the Valley. As the artists state “We worry, about those we love, about the world we love and live within; we marvel and we rage.” Consideration of place, material, and contemplative conversations transform  the mundane into the unexpected in this collaborative artistic endeavour.

About the Artists

Heidi Smith is an artist who enjoys exploring themes of creativity for social and cultural connectedness and environmental sustainability. Heidi uses drawing and installation to create suspended environments where materials are used in playful ways and narratives are revealed through gentle cycles of interference.

Michele England is a painter and mixed media artist and her environmental concerns inform her practice. She completed a Visual Arts degree with honours at the School of Art ANU in 2013, She  says, “Most of my work involves painting, printing, sewing and assembling found bits and pieces; rarely seen together. My work typically starts with collage. I utilise scientific, anecdotal and chance to create work. This intersection creates art that seeks to relay my concerns about damaged and derailed ecologies. My hope is that others may become more attuned to the possibilities of change available to us all and create new patterns that promote harmony.”