Fresh Funk Program Structure
Fresh Funk Master Class

Fresh Funk offers fun classes which cater for dancers of all levels. “Littlies” and Introduction classes introduce the basic elements of dance, and the graduated performance program offers a range of levels and age groups that continually develop performance pieces. 

The performance classes work towards two major productions each year, featuring over 300 dancers on stage in energetic and relevant themed shows. 

Additional opportunities are available for the more advanced dancers including the ‘Fresh Faced’ Young Choreographers Initiative (offered twice per year), a master class level and open drop-in classes, as well as holiday programs and guest workshops with touring choreographers. 

Fresh Funk’s competition crews are made up of the program’s top dancers, who compete in several hip-hop competitions each year. Crew dancers are dedicated and highly-skilled, with an impressive reputation.  Many have travelled overseas to work with the world’s top choreographers. Fresh Funk’s competition crews have placed in the Top 10 in both National and International competitions.