Lynn Petersen | Words on the Wind
Sculpture of a possum on top of a stack of books

Tree of Knowledge, public art work by Peter Latona (2010). Photo by TAC

WHERE: Little Garran Cafe, Garran Shops

COST: Free


Residents and visitors are invited to join Lynn Petersen in a celebration of Garran and the famous authors for whom Garran streets are named. Provide Lynn with your favorite quote, participate in community making workshops and help create literary inspired pennants, banners and flags to decorate trees around the public artwork “Tree of Knowledge” at Garran shops.

To find out how to participate and the schedule for community engagement workshops, go to the website or follow on instagram @quirkier_small_blessings

About the Artist

Lynn Petersen is an arts educator. She has worked across a range of educational settings in both leadership, teacher development and arts education roles. Her latest community project, ‘Small Blessings’ at TAC employed multiple art forms to explore ideas of gratitude through an exhibition, community engagement activities and improvised theatre.