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Messengers is an evidence-based program that is informed by the base of global research in the ‘Arts for Wellbeing’ field. Scientific findings suggest that regular participation in the arts has a number of positive personal impacts including improved social and psychological wellbeing, improved self-esteem, self-understanding, motivation, optimism and resilience. Research into non-clinical group art programs have found sustainable impacts for young people in both the short-term and long-term. 

 The program takes a person-centered and strengths-based approach when working with young people to reach their potential. The program assists to build empowerment and resilience in young people to equip them to lead fulfilling lives. Messengers values belonging, creativity and diversity and believes that the structure of the program provides a powerful therapeutic experience for isolated young people. Participants learn social skills, new ways of expressing themselves and create life-long bonds with peers. Our passionate staff work hard to ensure that young people feel safe, valued and accepted. 

Feedback from Messenger Participants

  • I like the type and diversity of the people here, the activities we do and the freedom of the groups.
  • I love having the chance to do fun new activities with a group of people I feel safe with.
  • Messengers has helped me gain confidence in my art. I am less afraid to “make mistakes”. I have also started being less afraid of social related things. I am learning to be more self-assured.
  • Participating in Messengers has helped as it is the ONLY social commitment I have and without it I would be at home every day.

Feedback from Parents and Carers       

  • They have found a sense of belonging and comfort through this program it has been the favorite and sometimes only high moment of every week.
  • Since he started with the with your art program I have noticed a remarkable difference.
  • He is less anxious in social situations, is more confident in his own skin, mentally has a positive outlook, less fluctuation in his mood, and he is managing conflict with peers at school much better. It is really comforting as a parent to see this change and find him returning to his usual self. He very much looks forward to every Thursday!
  • Upon commencement with Messengers she could not be appropriate in a classroom setting and by the end of last term her confidence and ability to integrate in to a new school has been extraordinary.
  • She loves the class so much. Which is saying a lot really, seeing as she ‘hates’ the school environment and ‘rejects’ many types of learning.