Photo: Woden Arts sketching program, 2019.

Woden Arts is delivered by Tuggeranong Arts and is part of the Woden and Gungahlin Pop Ups Initiative from the ACT Government. This program supports creativity in suburban areas of Canberra and creates opportunities for community connection and storytelling through the arts in Canberra’s regions. The pop-ups program was established in 2019, and is co-delivered by Belco Arts (Gungahlin Arts) and Tuggeranong Arts Centre (Woden Arts).

Since 2019, both Woden Arts and Gungahlin Arts have been delivering arts experiences in their respective regions, which are built in collaboration with local artists. We draw inspiration from our local regions as we weave ourselves into our communities and create programs which connect with residents and offer opportunities for local people to create and share the story of the place that they live.

The Woden Arts Program is designed to offer creative experiences for local community groups and diverse cultural groups, as well as pop-up events showcasing the work of local musicians, poets, dancers and visual artists. Everyone is invited to enjoy art and share creative experiences across the region.  

The development and coordination work being carried out by the Woden Arts Program Producer is supported by the Tuggeranong Arts Centre team and aims to provide artists, creative industries and interested community members with an opportunity to jointly create a vision for the arts in the Valley. A vision that is sustainable and supported collaboratively. See what our sister program is doing.

Local artists of all disciplines who are interested in being part of the program can contact The Woden Arts Program Producer Blaide Lallemand on 62931443 or