TAC Program | Jul – Dec 2024
animated glass fish like creatures perch on stands in an underwater scene

Animation still, A Chorus of Wonders, Tom Moore, Johnathan Nix, and Grant Handcock

July to December 2024 at Tuggeranong Arts Centre

The second half of 2024 is full of excting things to do at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

From music concerts, live theatre and exhibitions, to more hands-on experiences, there really is something to suit everyone. Come and explore our regular art classes for both young and old, or check out our wonderful exhibitions of prints, animation, oil, ceramics, and textiles. Join a choir, laugh at comedy shows, or listen to a recital. We also continue to celebrate our flagship program Fresh Funk with its dance classes, large scale shows, competitions, and development opportunities. TAC’s newest program, Turn Up Tuggers is a series of different activities developed, managed and delivered by young people for young people. Check out the re-imagined Battle of the Bands and creative development project, Vinyl Vista