Yunggabilli First Nations Open Mic | 25 Jul
Photo of The Space at Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Yunggabilli is an open mic night is for emerging musicians. The program is supported by Gugan Gulwan

WHEN: 5:30-7:30pm, Thursday 25 July

COST: Free


The Yunggabilli Open Mic night for emerging First Nations musicians, is an opportunity to perform in a safe and nurturing space, try out new work and jam with other musos. It’s also a chance to gain constructive and friendly feedback and build confidence on the stage.

MCd by Tahalianna Soward-Mahanga, the evening offers an intimate performance space, with a small stage, PA & operator and cabaret seating for an audience of around 40 people.

Professional musicians and artists from the Gugan Gulwan music program and Canberra’s art scene will be on-hand to provide support and guidance to performers keen to receive feedback. Otherwise participants are welcome to just come along, have a jam, meet new people and build skills.

This new initiative has been developed in consultation with Gugan Gulwan and Yil Lull Studios (ANU School of Music)

Please share this opportunity with anyone who might like to perform as part of the open mic. For more information or to ask questions, please email