Every Body | Life Drawing | Monthly

WHEN: Third Friday of the month
COST: $25 per class

Upcoming Events:

Friday 21 June, 2024
Friday 19 July, 2024
Friday 16 August, 2024
Friday 20 September, 2024
Friday 18 October, 2024
Friday 15 November, 2024


While the focus of Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s monthly life drawing class is on drawing the human figure, there’s lots of social moments too and a gorgeous casual vibe. This monthly Friday evening class offers a low pressure, stress free environment, and a culture of relaxation and creative expression rather than technical ability.

Attracting both experienced drawers – who rock up with a full watercolour kit, right through to people who are drawing for the first time, Every Body is literally for anyone and everybody. And because the group is constantly changing, it doesn’t get “cliquey,” with lots of people who are new to Canberra coming along to make friends and socialise, as well as few regulars.

Participants enjoy the program’s culture of diversity and the opportunity to sketch a range of models, commenting on how great it is to see people normalizing what it means to live in an aging body, a younger body, or a non-gender conforming body!

The class tempo is driven by the group, with participants voting on what form the session will take. Some classes end up being a series of ten-minute poses, while others offer two half hour poses, for example. And while the sessions are not strictly ‘taught,’ they are run by professional artists who are happy to offer advice and help to those who want it.

Facilitated by a local artist, this monthly art class for people aged 18 years and over is inclusive of all bodies, weight, gender and race. It is a safe space to have drinks with friends and sketch a diverse range of models. Basic materials will be provided such as charcoal, paper and pencils however you are welcome to bring your own materials to work with.